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OVCR Guidance on NDA's and MTA's

The Office for the Vice Chancellor for Research has developed guidance to assist with your future corporate engagements. Please review and share this guidance with members of your research group or others who may be subject to ensuring a corporate sponsor's confidentiality.

Research Gift Processing Update

The University of Illinois Foundation (UIF) is the primary receiving point for processing gifts made to the University.

Guidance for determining if an award is a gift or grant can be found in the OBFS Policy Manual, Section 11.2 "Distinctions Amoung Gifts, Grants and Contracts."

Institutional Policies and Procedures page

The Institutional Policies and Procedures page of the OSP website provides links to various University policies related to the administration of sponsored projects. Links to specific policies as well as FAQs on policies are available.

Use this page for easy navigation to campus policies. Check back frequently as new policies continue to be added.

Fellowships and Eligibility to Serve as a PI Policy

The internal OSP process for handling Pre-Doctoral Fellowships has recently been clarified to align with the OVCR’s Eligibility to Serve as a Principal Investigator policy (CAM XI-4).   According to the FAQs relative to this policy, graduate students may not serve as Principal Investigators (PI) on sponsored projects.  In the case of pre-doctoral fellowship applications, the student’s Faculty Mentor must be listed as PI on OSP’s Proposal Transmittal Form.  Absent a Faculty Mentor, the Dean of the Graduate College or his/her designee shall be designated as the PI.   This person will be listed as PI in OSP’s proposal tracking system and in Banner if an award is made. 

In some cases, the sponsoring agency requires that the student is named as PI in their application, and the University will certainly comply with the sponsor requirements listed in the solicitation.  However, for internal, University forms and systems, the student will not be named PI, but rather their Faculty Mentor as described above.  In order for OSP to quickly and accurately match up fellowship applications with awards, the student’s name should be listed in parentheses at the end of the project title on the Proposal Transmittal Form.