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Financial Management


All property at the University, regardless of funding source, to which the University acquires title is subject to the regulations of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services as "State-owned property."

Fabricated Equipment: Usually expenditures for materials, supplies, and fixtures purchased for use in constructing a piece of equipment are initially recorded separately as fabricated equipment in process. When the construction of the equipment is completed and the equipment is placed in use, units must report its completion to the OBFS, UPAR using FABweb for addition to Banner Fixed Asset. 

Pre-Award Costs

Most federal agencies allow 90 days pre-award spending. When it can be determined with a high degree of certainty that an award will be made, campus units, at their own risk, may incur project costs incurred up to 90 days prior to the project start date by requesting the establishment of an anticipation account. For federal and non-federal sponsors, check sponsor-specific guidance on pre-award costs to confirm.

Program Income

Program income must be used for the purposes of the award. Thus, program income may only be used for allowable project costs incurred during the project period of performance, in accordance with the applicable cost principles and the terms and conditions of the award.

Salaries and Wages

Maximum of 95% effort allowed on sponsored projects:
As a condition of receiving sponsored awards, the University must confirm that the effort expended on sponsored projects justifies the compensation charged to the project. Non-Allowable Activities such as general administrative efforts, proposal development, committee work,teaching and teaching preparation, and student advising must not be charged to sponsored projects.


Responsibility for subaward issuance is divided between the principal investigator(s) (PI), the unit business manager (UBM), the Office of Sponsored Program, and the Grants and Contracts Office. 

The PI and the UBM are responsible for completion and submission of the Subaward Request through the PAIF (about) as well as any outstanding subrecipient documents remaining after proposal submission stage.
The PI is also responsible for approving subrecipient invoices after determining that the progress is satisfactory, and that the cost is reasonable in relation to the work performed. 

OSP is responsible for issuing and negotiating the subagreement, which involves confirmation of approvals, complete documentation and a satisfactory risk assessment of the subrecipient.

GCO is responsible for the financial administration of subawards in accordance with the subagreement terms and conditions, which includes payment of approved subrecipient invoices.

GCO is also responsible for ongoing monitoring of the subrecipient. If the subrecipient is not performing satisfactorily, or issues of compliance with the terms and conditions of the award arise, GCO will work with the department and principal investigator to devise a strategy to correct the problem.


University specific policy

Costs for travel should be budgeted either on an actual cost basis (e.g., airfare, lodging) or per diem or mileage basis (e.g., subsistence, personal vehicle travel).

Charges incurred by employees for travel, lodging and other subsistence should be reasonable and allowable only to the extent of University policy (which may be viewed here) and the terms and conditions of the award.

The Budget Narrative should provide information regarding destination and names of conferences, if known, number of travelers, duration of travel and estimated total cost.

Foreign and domestic travel should be itemized and justified separately.

Sponsor guidelines should be consulted to verify the allowability and any required pre-approval of travel costs.