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Modification of Existing Awards

The following changes are processed through GCO:

Budget Revisions

Sponsor approval may be required to rebudget an awarded project, particularly for changes to subrecipients as well as changes made to Participant Support Costs.

Please provide GCO with a justification indicating why this change is needed and how the increased budget line items are required in order to meet the deliverables in the scope of work and how the offsetting decreased line items will not impact these same deliverables.  Also, please provide a note of explanation of how this change does not constitute a change in scope as outlined in the award document/proposal.

No-Cost Extension (NCE)

To extend the end date of a project, but not add funding, a formal modification to the agreement may be required based on the the award's terms and conditions.

Under the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), the University is authorized to approve a single no-cost extension of up to 12 months for eligible federal grants, provided it notifies the sponsor that it has elected to take such an extension, explains why the extension is needed, and provides the notification at least 10 days before the expiration date specified in the award.

A formal request to the sponsor may be required if the sponsor is not a member of the FDP or is a non-federal sponsor, or if this is not the first NCE requested for an award. The award's terms and conditions apply.

Project Personnel Changes

Examples of personnel changes that must be reported to and approved by a federal sponsor include:

For non-federal sponsors, review the specific award's terms and conditions.

Scope of Work Changes

PI/PI's department and the sponsor should discuss the need for the change in scope of work (SOW) before contacting GCO. Common types of scope changes are changes in process, research direction, resources, and scheduling. A formal modification or amendment to the agreement may required. The award's terms and conditions apply.

Stop Work Orders

Depending on the award's provisions for termination of the project, the University may submit a final settlement proposal to the sponsor, requesting appropriate time and funds for any trailing costs, final reporting costs and/or non-cancellable commitments. Please notify OSP and GCO immediately upon receipt of a stop work order to ensure a timely response.

Transfer of Grants

GCO provides assistance to faculty and departmental personnel when awards are transferred from the university. For specific guidance on transferring awards from the university, please contact GCO.

Depending on the award's terms and conditions, many sponsors will have the former institution relinquish any remaining funds back to the sponsor and then will issue a new award to the new institution.

Equipment that accompanies a new researcher for use at the University must be promptly reported to the UPAR for addition to Banner Fixed Asset.  Documentation that the researcher's former institution transferred title to the equipment must be provided, along with attributes required for entry into Banner Fixed Asset. 

Equipment purchased from sponsored research funds that is going with an exiting researcher may be permanently transferred to another university or non-profit institution with the approval of the researcher, the unit head, college dean, and the receiving institution.

The following changes are processed through OSP. Please provide documentation as needed:

Continuations / Supplements

Continuations will add funding and time to the project and must be during or immediately following the period of performance. Submit a request through the PAIF (about).

Supplements will add funding only to the grant and must be during the period of performance. Submit a request through the PAIF (about).


Renewals are considered a new project that stems from prior research projects. A renewal is competitive and must be budgeted using current F&A and Tuition Remission rates. The project period for a Renewal is independent of the project period for the prior research project. Submit a request through the PAIF (about).