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What is the PIF? (Proposal Intake Form)

As we transition to our new streamlined submission process, we are retiring the Proposal Transmittal Form (PTF). Utilizing the new Proposal Intake Form (PIF) (NOTE: if you are unable to sign this form or edit fields in your browser, please download), in conjunction with limiting the scenarios in which it will be required, will streamline all aspects of transmission to OSP and will align with the data points required for campus reporting. Once the system conversion from UIeRA is complete, we will only accept the new PIF. Please note, if you initiate the signature process on the PTF while we are in transition to the Proposal Intake Form (PIF) we will not reject the signatures from the PTF. You will however still need to submit a PIF along with the signatures from the PTF.  

OSP has also developed a new online submission tool, called the Pre-Award Intake Form (PAIF). The PAIF does not replace the PIF, users are still required to submit a PIF for certain applicable submission types. Please see the PAIF Definitions document for more information on request types and when a PIF is necessary. A high-level Proposal Matrix is also available, which lists proposal definitions, PAIF form type, and PIF requirements. Please find this document on the OSP Systems Transition page.