Cost Transfer Justification (GC-81)
Completed by departments to process non-current cost transfers.
Note: Download this form—browser PDF readers are not compatible with it.
Form A—Restricted Cost Request Form Pre-Award and Post-Award
Submit this form to request an exception from SPA allowing a restricted cost to be treated as a direct cost on a particular project.
Material Transfer Agreement Request Form (Available Through the PAIF)
An online form, submitted via the PAIF, for providing basic information to SPA guiding the review and negotiation of incoming MTAs.
Payroll Overpayment Form (GC-91)
Required to document the handling of payroll overpayments charged to sponsored project funding or federal formula grant funding.
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Pre-Award Intake Form (PAIF)
Online form for submitting requests to SPA Pre-Award or Post-Award, including pre-proposals, proposals, and proposal updates, non-competitive continuations, funded and unfunded agreements, NSF and NIH account requests, and NIH Progress Reports (RPPRs).
Proposal Intake Form (PIF)
Required as part of the proposal package when submitting requests for new funding to SPA Pre-Award, this form collects demographic information and approvals/signatures for a proposal.
Request a General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment
Use this form to make a payment against a general encumbrance.
Note: Download this form—browser PDF readers are not compatible with it.
Request to Establish an Anticipation Grant/Fund (GC-70)
Completed by departments to request an anticipation account, allowing investigators to incur project expenses prior to official execution of an award.
Request for Sponsor-Approved No-Cost Extension
This form allows PIs to request a no-cost extension of the project period beyond the original end date from the sponsor.
Subaward Compliance and Assurance Statement
A form allowing subrecipients to self-disclose research related circumstances that may impact terms reflected in subawards. 
Subrecipient Profile
A questionnaire completed by an organization receiving an outgoing sub-award in order to help assess risk by determining their financial and management strength.
Transfer Property Forms Equipment
Required when permanently transferring equipment to another institution, ensuring that the equipment to be transferred meets the criteria to be considered project research equipment.