Sponsored Research Metrics

Publicly available sponsored research metrics displaying basic Proposal, Award, and Expenditure data for the past five fiscal years. Data is broken down by major sponsor categories and can by filtered by college/school. Top sponsors are available for the Federal, Other Government & Higher Education, and State of Illinois categories; top Private and Foreign are excluded from the display.


More Data Visualizations

Power BI reports and data visualizations available to faculty and staff with a university netID and password.

Sample images of charts available in the SPA Public Research Metrics App

SPA Research Metrics - Public

A Power BI app that compiles reports and visualizations for campus community. Requires a login with UIUC credentials.

Cumulative Data

Compare monthly and quarterly running totals of proposal activity, award counts, award amounts, and expenditures for past fiscal years.


See how University of Illinois research expenditures compare with Big Ten and national peers. Data comes from the Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD) and is available through FY20.

SPA Research Metrics - Public App

Image of Power BI current and pending report

Current and Pending

Current and pending report including proposed effort. The effort in this report should only be used as a starting point to confirm accurate, up-to-date effort totals with the investigator. Access is for UIUC staff only and mirrors permissions granted in the myProposals system.  

Current and Pending Report