Impact on Proposal Submissions to Department of Energy

Beginning June 17th,  DOE’s new FCOI compliance will become a requirement.   Details regarding this update have been disseminated from the OVCRI Compliance office at UIUC .  With regard to proposals submission, you will note a few changes related to this update:

  1. The compliance attribute in myProposals was updated from “PHS Regulation on Conflict of Interest (FCOI)" to “Sponsor-Specific Regulation on Conflict of Interest (FCOI)”.  
  2. myProposals will require that you mark this compliance attribute for DOE agencies/labs and PHS FCOI-compliant sponsors.
  3. The PI must certify proposals to DOE and FCOI-compliant sponsors prior to AOR submission.
  4. If subawards are included in the proposal submission, each sub will be required to indicate how it will comply at time of submission; that is, to specify whether it will follow its own policy or our policy to comply with this DOE regulation, PF 2022-17.