Reminder: Fiscal Year End JVs and Feeders for Sponsored Project Funds

The deadline to submit Journal Vouchers (JVs) and Feeder System Transactions for June Period 12/FY20 business is 5:00pm on Friday, July 17th.  The following will assist in accurate, timely posting of these transactions to sponsored project funds:

  • Process JVs and Feeders that impact sponsored project funds as early as possible
    • Leading up to July 17th, SPA will review transactions submitted to the SPA Banner Approval Queue as of yesterday’s business
    • On July 17th, SPA will then pull and review current transactions throughout the day as they are submitted to our queue. All FY20 transactions routed to approval queues must be approved by 5:00 p.m. to appear on FY20 statements.
  • Ensure Cost Transfer transactions are appropriately documented per the Sponsored Projects Cost Transfers Policy, including the JV FOATEXT in Banner, as detailed in Process Cost Transfers for Sponsored Projects
  • Work ahead with your PI to document any Non-Current Cost Transfers, including the completion and submission of a GC81 to your Award Management Contact
  • Beginning July 1st, remember to backdate the JV Transaction Date for FY20 activity to 06/30/20
  • Share this email with others in your unit who process JVs and Feeders that impact sponsored project funds, but are not part of this listserv
  • Reach out to your Award Management Contact with any questions

We appreciate your assistance with this fiscal year end priority and look forward to our continued interactions to finalize FY20 transactions.