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Intellectual Credit


Also referred to as "Intellectual Contributions" or "Credit Allocation."

A frequent means of measuring sponsored activity is showcasing dollars expended.  However, expenditures alone do not accurately reflect the contributions of investigators or participating units, because expenditures do not necessarily reflect where intellectual participation occurred.  This is particularly true for larger projects, when multiple disciplines are involved, and/or where individual investigators wish to share credit between the unit administering the project and their home academic unit.  To resolve this concern, we will introduce an “Intellectual Credit” data field with the implementation of our digital submission and approval system, myProposals.

Allocation Among Investigators

For all proposals, Intellectual Credit will be allocated among the Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigators at the time of the proposal submission, based on their agreed-upon, relative contributions to the overall sponsored project.  The total credit allocation among all investigators cannot exceed 100%.  Investigators may choose to distribute their portion of credit among multiple units. For example, an investigator on a project being managed by the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) may choose to split his/her 20% of assigned credit evenly between IGB and Crop Sciences.


Research Roles and Intellectual Contributions


Why are we tracking Intellectual Credit?

The capture of Intellectual Credit provides an additional means of reflecting an investigator`s overall contributions to a particular sponsored project.

Is Intellectual Credit shared with the sponsor?

No, Intellectual Credit is proprietary to the University and will not be shared with the sponsor.

Is Intellectual Credit correlated with the proposed project budget?

No, credit is not related to the estimated project budget. The participating investigators may collectively choose to distribute credit based on the estimated budget, but the two are unrelated.

Is Intellectual Credit correlated with faculty effort?

No, credit and effort are mutually exclusive. An investigator may be budgeted for 25% effort on a large, multi-investigator project, but receive 10% of the Intellectual Credit for the overall project.

Does Intellectual Credit affect the distribution of generated overhead?

No, credit will not impact the distribution of overhead. Overhead is distributed in accordance to where the funds are expended or as mutually agreed by all parties, under a special distribution.

How will Intellectual Credit be used in reports?

The capture of credit will permit units to run reports for investigators to showcase their credit contributions on sponsored projects, independent or in conjunction with sponsored expenditures.

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