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Proposal Submission to SPA


All proposals should be submitted to SPA through myProposals at least four (4) business days prior to the sponsor deadline date. The Proposal Submission Policy (linked) provides provides deadline definitions, detailed timelines and associated proposal review levels based on how far in advance a proposal is submitted to SPA.

SPA Proposal Submission Policy


Proposal Deadlines Calculator

Please complete the fields below, then click the "Calculate Deadlines" button. The form will take a few seconds to load the dates.

What is the sponsor deadline date and time (in central time)?

How many business days of lead time does your department require prior to submission to SPA?

Proposal Submission Deadlines

Once you click the Calculate button, please wait a few seconds for the dates to be displayed below.

Steps for Submitting a Proposal for Review

Step 1: Determine the appropriate proposal type

Step 2: Add all proposal information and documents to a new myProposals proposal transmittal 

Step 3: Obtain all necessary project approvals via the myResearch Portal

Step 4: Submit the myProposals proposal transmittal to SPA at least four (4) business days prior to the sponsor deadline date

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