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Award Negotiation and Execution


The Negotiation team at Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) negotiates a variety of agreements related to externally sponsored activities taking place at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

These agreements can range from a simple grant to a more complex contract with restrictive terms and conditions, as well as many non-funded agreements related to other research-related activities. Sponsors can also range from federal or state agencies to foundations, private industry or international entities. Go here for a list of the most common agreements executed at SPA.

Award Negotiation

Tasks that must be performed to move an agreement towards execution and who is responsible for their completion. 

 PI Responsibilities

  • Review agreements, including the statement of work, budget, period of performance, and reporting requirements

 Department Responsibilities

  • Send agreements and sponsor contact information to SPA
  • Facilitate communications between the negotiators and the principal investigator
  • Assist negotiators in gathering additional information, documentation, approvals and signatures needed for the execution of the agreement.

 Negotiator Responsibilities

  • Review the terms and conditions of the agreement to determine if the terms are consistent with university policy as well as state and federal laws and regulations
  • Request additional reviews and approvals from university compliance offices and/or leadership when the agreement contains terms that represent exceptions to university policies or pose a risk to the university
  • Advises on terms and conditions presented at proposal stage
  • Issues subawards and subaward modifications
  • Resolves any outstanding issues regarding the agreement, including making sure the university is compliant with all requirements and certifications required by the sponsor


Quick Tips

Expand each menu item below to view step by step quick tips to help you navigate the award negotiation and review process. 

How to submit an agreement to SPA
  • Navigate to sponored and choose the eForm for the type of agreement being submitted:


Material Transfer


Other Unfunded 

Re-grant Agreement

Software License or Data Use 


  • Complete the form and attach the document to be reviewed -OR- add a comment that SPA should draft the agreement
  • Note any *sponsor required* deadline in the submission to ensure SPA is aware of the requirement
How to find a negotiation
  • Log on to myResearch Portal
  • Click "Search"
  • Search using one of the available fields (for example, by "Title", or "Sponsor", or "Institution ID", or "Grant Code" or "Investigator")
  • Click the project title hyperlink
  • In the "Award Summary" under the "Sponsored Project Detail" section, click on "View Reviews" for the specific negotiation or "View all Open Reviews" to select from a list of reviews currently in progress
  • Select the review ID to view the notes


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