Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Topic
A special laptop has been purchased for $3,000, however, it's useful life is greater than 1 year. How do I classify this device?
Does Intellectual Credit affect the distribution of generated overhead?
How do I know where title vests?
I need to purchase a warranty for a piece of equipment. Is a warranty an allowable expenditure?
What happens after the report is submitted? (SBSP)
What if the original goals on the SBSP will not be met?
What if the PI does not meet the spend goals detailed in the SBSP?
What if the PI fails to submit a SBSP within the time limit prescribed by the contracting officer?
Who is responsible for invoicing for memberships fees generated by grant-based affiliations?
Are there standard templates available to assist me in calculating rates?
Can I purchase a piece of equipment on multiple sponsored project?
Can I submit an anticipation request even though the sponsor does not allow pre-award costs?
Can I use the equipment in my lab to generate revenue to support other initiatives?
Can lab coats and goggles (and other reusable lab supplies) be charged on Sponsored Project funds?
How do I add a rate to the Service Rate Database?
How do I complete a cost transfer?
How do I create a budget?
How do I create a small business subcontracting plan (SBSP) when required by my contract?
How do I delete a pending request in the GC70 system?
How do I determine the 'base' for my rate?
How do I distinguish gifts vs. grants?
How do I find a certified small business?
How do I process a subaward invoice?
How do I request a no-cost extension?
How do I set up an anticipation account?
How do I submit an award/agreement at the time of proposal?
How do you determine if an activity is representative of revenue generating or sponsored activity?
How often am I required to calculate and review my rate?
How soon can I expect my CFOP after submitting my GC70 anticipation request?
How to find a negotiation
How to submit an agreement to SPA (per agreement type)
How will Intellectual Credit be used in reports?
I found issues with my equipment account codes, can I make adjustments in period 14?
I have heard the term "imputed cost share" used before. What does that mean?
If my equipment was purchased on a Federal grant or cooperative agreement requiring title, can the University retain the equipment?
Is Intellectual Credit correlated with faculty effort?
Is Intellectual Credit correlated with the proposed project budget?
Is Intellectual Credit shared with the sponsor?
May I dispose of Government-owned equipment that is no longer useful, idle or requires significant repair that is cost prohibitive?
My anticipation request is in pending status due to FCOI (Financial Conflict of Interest). When will it be approved and who can I contact with questions?
My anticipation request was rejected. Why?
Once awarded, who is responsible for tracking and managing small business subcontracting expenditures?
Since I have the option to request by Proposal Reference Number or Grant Code, when do I know which to use?
What are allowable expenses that I should include when calculating a service rate?
What are some potential benefits of participating in the Small Business Subcontracting Program?
What are standard measures for applying my service rate?
What are the appropriate F&A rates for tenants in the Research Park?
What are typical examples of Urbana-based revenue generating activities and the processing office?
What do I do when one proposal record provides funding for multiple awards?
What facilities and administrative (F&A) costs should be assigned to a Facility Use Agreement?
What if an amendment increases the award dollar amount?
What is the difference between a Technical Testing Agreement (TTA) and a Facility Use Agreement (FUA)?
What is the status of my anticipation request?
What needs to be submitted to SPA prior to requesting an anticipation fund?
What should I consider if my PI would like to trade-in a piece of sponsored equipment to purchase a new item?
What templates are available for revenue generating activities?
What type of funds may my unit use to incur expenses related to grant-based affiliations?
When is it appropriate to use the GC70 System?
Where is the report data pulled from? (SBSP)
Who completes the required Small Business Subcontracting Reports?
Why are we tracking Intellectual Credit?
Why can’t I find my Institutional Proposal (IP) # in the GC70 system?
Why is the SBSP required?

Anticipation Funds & the GC70 System

Award Negotiation and Execution

Closeout Award

Cost Sharing

Cost Transfer


Equipment Purchasing

Gift vs. Grant

Industry and Private Funding

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